The recumbent future with KerVelo

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We have completed the test of our second generation prototypes. We are currently building the production lines. There is still important to have a look at the KerVelo future.

We would love to have feedback on our current product line and the future concept sketches we are working on. Why would you like to have a new bike? What? How?

Feel free to comment or contact us.

  • Nr. 1 The Unicycle Concept

  • Nr. 2 The Folding Concept

  • Nr. 3 The Commuter Concept

  • Nr. 4 The Electric Concept

  • Nr. 5 The Sports Concept

  • Nr. 6 The Suspended Concept

  • Nr. 7 The Long Concept

  • Nr. 8 The Tandem Concept

  • Nr. 9 The R Concept

  • Nr. 10 The R tilt trike Concept

  • Nr. 11 The Tilting Trike Concept

  • Nr. 12 The Rigid Trike Concept

6 Comments on “The recumbent future with KerVelo”

  1. Great concept and execution guys. I’ve been looking for a FWD recumbent pinion or belt system for a while. However I’m really looking for something more laid back. The centre wheel drive makes that more difficult and especially the heel clearance if the seat is lowered. If you could manage it by using a larger front wheel and or a movement of the peddling part of the pinion gearbox upwards within the wheel that would suit me. An option I was considering was a Cruz bike style but strong enough to include a pinion and belt drive system – that’s about the ultimate for me – maintenance free and aerodynamic.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Nr. 8 The Tandem Concept

    That’s a good thought, Marc! So thinking a fwd with multiple retractable option possibilities, instead of ordering a single tandem.

    A Swiss Army of multi-purpose KerVelo bike. Namely: mono wheel; fat wheel; cargo wheel; mule; delivery cart such as UPS/amazon cargo; compact RV; grocery; trike; tandem; etc. A would-be customer may eliminate frustrations with a variety of their options needs.

    A costly IPS no longer exist in these concept much like similar to Zox.

    Most recumbents comes to an age. Meaning hard to resell if its old, highracer, lowracer, small frame, long wheel base, colors, value. Kervelo might erase all that knowing that they may order an options they need.

    I may see and visualize the Kervelo animated video of Morphing that changes rear option for marketing pitch. It gives customers’ fantasy to get one of those that they could use for long distance vacations, hauling camping equipment, surfing equipment, business use.

  3. Hi David,

    You have pointed a key feature of the Kervelo frames platform : “keep the front, change the rear for another purpose, without the obligation to get a new bike ! ”
    Most of the bikes could be changed into trikes and the reverse is true too !
    We have sketched up to 20 possible variants including low racer, cargo or velomobile and even a kind of upright bike : it is enough for the next 20 years 🙂

    Best regards

  4. The low racer is the most interesting to me. I like the lines of the above drawings, with only 1 bend in the frame, and the frame going back to the rear wheel in a straight line.

    1. Hi Arne !
      We have just built for the first time the KerVelo Bike Low Racer… something you have dreamed of ?

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