Front wheel direct drive comfortable and low maintenance semi recumbent bicycles and trikes

Front end frame compatible with various removable rear ends. With one front end, a bike or trike can be built.

Riding in a semi recumbent position is the optimum for comfort and efficient riding. Seat height give a secured overview of the surroundings. More aerodynamically efficient than an upright bicycle due to a lower sitting position and laid back angle.

Bike option rear frames :
Rigid frame for rear wheel.
Suspended frame with shock absorber on the rear frame.

Trike Option rear frames :
Tilting narrow frame ( 50 cm width )
Rigid large frame ( 80 cm width )

Electrical assistance : 

All bikes and tricycles frames are compatible for electrical assistance and equipped with the same motor type : Smart Pie 5 – Golden Motor – 250W – 36V with a built in sin wave controller.

A Bluetooth connection enables a wireless exchange of information from the motor controller to your smartphone ( free App available ).

The battery has a capacity of 12 Ah under 36V ( life time over 1500 charges ).

The motor is bolted from one side either for the bike or the trike. The disc brake and the motor power cable are one the same side, towards the frame. The opposite side of the motor, exposed to the exterior,  is then free of any components for a neat and safe design. This configuration also give an easy access and easy maintenance to the wheel in case of punctures.

Wheels 26” diameter or 28” for sport/racer versions.

Gearbox in front wheel, from 9, 12 or 18 speeds with rotary shifter on handlebar ( PINION gearbox )

Bicycle frames are made of either aluminium ( Alu 6061 ) or steel ( CroMoly hi tensile steel ).

Color tone : Honey yellow, Brown red, Distant blue, Leaf green, Platinum grey, Cream

The handlebar is adjustable in orientation and position with a modular stem capable changing angle and length.

Comfortable power seat adjustable in horizontal position and back rest orientation. Seat head rest contains foam and is removable. Seat foam is high density breathable and the back rest is made of breathable mesh.

Seat color : Black

Luggage carrier adjustable in orientation and length to adapt the seat back rest orientation and remain horizontal.

LED rear light  integrated in the luggage carrier.

LED front light attached to the handle bar.

Bottle cage on the head tube for easy and immediate access when riding.

Mechanical brake are either on rims or on disc ( front Ø 250mm / rear Ø160mm ).

Mudguard on both front and rear wheels.

The configuration affecting specifications of the different models are listed on their product page in the shop.