KerVelo Low Rider Tilting Trike


Main Specifications :

Frame : Hi tensile steel

Wheel base : 1,3 m

Wheels : 28″ ( 700c )

Width : 50 cm

Max tilt angle : +/- 25 deg,  lockable when horizontal ( 0 deg )

Trike platform : Width : 30cm Length : 54 cm

Gearhub : Aluminium wheel hub with Pinion gearbox , 18 speeds, gear ratio : 620%

Brake : on disc or on wheel rim

Stem : adjustable in length and orientation

Seat :  adjustable in orientation and position ( 25 cm )

This action will let you pay a deposit of  500,00 for this product


The KerVelo Low rider tilting trike has combined the multiple advantages when touring with luggages

A low riding position for good aerodynamics, comfort riding, easy way  to get on and off

The width and the length of the trike is limited to the width of the handle bar and is not longer than a Kervelo Bike

The tilting mechanism enables safe turns and dynamic stability when riding

As usual, the chain doesn’t bother you and you can get up to 18 speeds from the gearhub in the front wheel.