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New website, new bikes, new trikes, happy new year  !

Visit and imagine your future bike.

We will update the website with more pictures, more description, pre-orders and more information on availability.


9 Comments on “New Site Launched”

  1. How about not only a chainless design, but a spokeless design!

    Like the Cyclotron ( ditch the spoked wheels.

    In addition to a recumbent trike or bike, how about a semi-prone trike, similar to the birdofprey bicycle, also using spokeless wheels! (

    All still using the pinion 18 speed gearbox.

    For e-assisted riding, perhaps a variation of the GeoOrbital wheel combined with the pinion gearbox to charge the battery. (

    I have crude sketches of concept ideas if you are interested.

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your comments !

    I would say : first things first…. We want to secure every step we have already prioritized before moving to the next.

    1- The spokeless design is a nice concept but has design challenges in lateral stability, bearings and is not cheap. This is not a feature for our city or touring bikes.
    2- The “semi prone” bike is quite far from the semi recumbent agile and ergonomic bicycle we want to promote. I don’t see such “semi prone” bike in daily commute. It is surely an efficient aerodynamic bike ( with the horizontal rider position ) like other recumbent racer bike.
    3- If the motor/battery integrated in a wheel is a cost effective solution, it could be interesting to place it on the Kervelo bike. This is an option each user could choose to take without troubles.
    4- The generator mode for battery using pedals is not yet efficient enough. I’m monitoring all possible break through to see if it could be part of the Kervelo bike/trike electrical features.

    I would be happy to see your sketches and discuss them.
    Please email me at : [email protected]

    Have a nice riding day!

    1. Hi Christian,

      Indeed interesting motor/battery wheel : smart integration !
      This could be an option for the one in quest of the “all integrated driving system”.

      Have a nice riding day!

  3. Hi Marc,

    In line with your theme of simplicity, non- puncture , no tube tires are a ‘must have” for the Kervelo … like Evertires or Nexo or Tannus tires.

    I like your new design …What is the weight?

  4. Hi Chris,

    Having these tires could be really nice to get.
    I need to test them and see how smooth they are, how is the adherence, how they wear, the price, the weight and how to mount them.

    And about the Kervelo bikes and their weight : the Sport version ( almost no accessories ) will target an 12/13 kg.
    The carbon frame is not yet planned … unless a customer really wants it !

    Best regards

  5. Hi Marc,
    Another option that would be really nice is an interchangeable rear stays (twin tube) that can slide in/out and to fit different designs of more powerful (rear) electric wheels, in addition to that a hanging basket/cargo case – clamped under the seat (tube) to accommodate any larger batteries for this purpose. Having the option to fit you own electric wheel with this option would greatly increase its versatility, and enjoyment!

    Regards Andrew.

  6. Hi Andrew,

    The frame “platform” is designed to keep the same front end for various rear frames. The rear electric motor frame is based on “standard” dimension which fits most of the motor compliant to the EU regulation.
    A hanging basket under the seat is a very interesting option which we have already considered. The room available under the seat is a real opportunity for another bag or a (bigger) battery, not enlarging the bike. This additional basket will lower the center of gravity which is even better for the stability !

    Best regards

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