Kervelo Bikes and Trikes goes Elec !

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We have reached the right design to propose now an electrical assistance on all the semi recumbent bikes and trikes.

The high integration level and easy maintenance have driven the way the system was set, for the great benefit of weight reduction and simplicity.

The positive side of this is a neat and clean design, without cables flying around for a better safety and durability.

The hub motor, in each wheel is attached onto the frame from one side only. On the same side, the power cable is routed from the motor to the battery. To avoid a disc brake outside the frame ( which could hit or hurt ), the disc brake is also placed toward the frame.

So the trike has 2 hub motors for each of the rear wheels. Similarly, the rear wheel is fitted with hub motor for a bike.

The battery is placed under the seat for an optimal weight distribution ( center and low ) and cable length.




4 Comments on “Kervelo Bikes and Trikes goes Elec !”

  1. Looking at your new youtube video “elec trike test 2” it looks to me as if you have shortened the wheelbase. Is that right or is there a difference between the rigid and the tilting trike or does it only look that way to me? In my opinion the shorter wheelbase looks far better.

    1. Hi Stefan, You’re right. The rigid trike has a shorter wheel base compare to the tilting trike.

    1. The tilt trike electrical version is built with 2 hub motors on the rear wheels, each motor has its own controller, so it is well balanced.
      Both rear brakes lock the tilt effect and keep straight the trike when standing. You will ride this trike like an ordinary bike, allowing a good balance even in turns, with no risk of “flip over”.
      Good combination of agility, loading capacity and compactness.

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