KerVelo Bike Low Racer : Built for road and speed

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The low racer is designed for long ride and performance on road. With the unique efficiency of transmission and the aerodynamic profile, you won’t be able to follow the pace !

The bike design is available in 28″ wheel.






23 Comments on “KerVelo Bike Low Racer : Built for road and speed”

  1. Very nice! When will it be available? Price range should be near the Sports Tourer? Some general concerns: wet and dirty feet even with a fender, when i look at my wheels. Wouldn’t a Rohloff Hub been much simpler?

    1. Hi David, Thanks for your comment !
      The low racer is built “on demand” and could be available within 2 to 3 months. The target price is in the same range as the “Sport Tourer”.
      The Rohloff hub is not compatible with a “simple” mounting in a front wheel with crank shaft.
      The fenders will be supplied with the bike and i do reckon in rainy conditions, the feet could still be wet with the low riding position.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Now that is to my liking. You are exploring all possibilities. How does the low racer handle?

    The trike would also look much better without the double bend in the main frame and would have a lower centre of gravity for cornering.

    How did Spezi go? I have seen more comments on your creations this time.

    1. Hi Aarn,

      The maneuverability is efficient on the low racer than on a semi recumbent bike as it is designed for long ride and not for city commuting. Still the handling is very good with this geometry in turns or straight road. We expect to produce a short video to show the bike in “action “…very soon. The low racer trike is also planned and will come…very soon !

      At SPEZI, we were very busy watching after the bikes and the trikes going back and forth from the booth to the test track :it was a 2 days non-stop.
      The visitors discovered the concept, the “neat” design and were able to have a test ride. With a bit longer riding experience, they would have surely handled the bike perfectly !

  3. Great, things are moving fast at Kervelo. Will you be able to interchange the rear ends : bike/trike on the low racer, like on the semi recumbents?

    1. Yes Aarne, The rear ends could be various while keeping the same front end : this principle applies for the low racer too. So why not a low racer trike ?

  4. Yes, or a suspension rear end on the bike.
    Do you adjust the frame for different leg lengths via the telescoping rear end?
    I would like the option to be able to tilt the seat back further to improve aerodynamics. (Obviously handle bars would need to be adjusted to march) so can the front frame be made longer?
    Have you perfected the lock upright mechanism on the tilting trike? I found this challenging on my tilting trike and they found it difficult on the Velotilt. Cruzbike are also slow to solve this.
    When will you have full specifications on the low racer models?
    This is your most elegant design yet.
    I would call these recumbents, as compared to your other semi-recumbent models.”Low racer ” generally applies to models with the sear as close to the ground as possible.

    1. Hi Aarn,
      Sorry for my late reply… 🙁
      For the rear frame, many options are possible ( trike, with suspension, electrical version…. )
      The rear frame is inserted in the front frame : then the wheel base could be adjusted. It could give more room to further recline the seat back rest to tune the aerodynamics and the upper body ergonomics. The seat can slide to fit the leg’s rider.
      For locking the tilting mechanism, we have tested different solutions and we will implement a solution which “block” ( mechanical stop ) rather than “brake” ( friction pad ). We have discussed the topic with Cruzbike and Velotilt and shared experiences.
      I could further develop the low racer description on webpage : in summary : Gearbox 18 speeds, CroMo steel frame, wheel 700, brake on rims (shimano 105 or Ultegra… ); seat, stem, handlebar : Kervelo design.
      So far, this version has been the lowest of the Kervelo serie, at about 30cm from ground. So far, this recumbent geometry will remain the lowest of the Kervelo family, designed for higher speed and why not racing too !

    1. Hi Pete,

      The low racer ( steel frame ) weighs about 15/16 kg, depending on accessories. Certainly, a carbon frame version could go below 10kg !
      This riding style is different than the other recumbent bicycle due to the direct drive and the moving bottom bracket in the steering wheel.
      Once you get used to counter balance the pedaling with the handlebar, keeping a high cadence and your upper body relaxed, you’ll manage long rides without troubles. You’ll need 10min more or less to find you balance, and … off you go ! Even a guy without recumbent cycling experience can manage bike shortly ( as far as i saw the beginners testing the bike ).
      Speed depends on few factors : 1/aerodynamics, 2/ stability & dynamic behavior at high speed 3/rider performance, 4/transmission efficiency including tyres….
      for :
      1/ the riding position is not fully horizontal but quite low : a more reclined back rest should increase even further the aerodynamics performance, keeping the seat height
      2/ the steering angle, the trail, the wheel base, the center of gravity have been optimized to get high dynamics behavior.
      3/ Can the machine make a superman or superwoman ? i don’t think 🙂
      4/ the direct drive concept reduce to the optimal, the transmission chain thus providing high efficiency, probably better than a long chain which is delicate to maintain.

  5. I love the design and wonder about what it weighs ? Does the front wheel drive offer any climbing advantage? Is the speed comparable to other recumbents?

    1. Hi Pete,
      The low racer ( steel frame ) weighs about 15/16 kg, depending on accessories. The gearhub in wheel, as direct drive provide higher efficiency compare to the long chain and all its frictions in its hoses or derailleur. Another point is better ergonomics as the crank shaft is lower compare of other recumbent. The feet can reach the ground faster and seat has the same “altitude” as the crank shaft which gives a better ( “more natural” ) riding position. All these give a better riding efficiency and when climbing too.

  6. Marc LeBorgne

    At was at year Spezi 2016 and not the year Spezi 2017. Its nice to hear you again with a new recumbent concept with a marked. These new Kervelo bikes are new unploughed land Marc and i want to se a video of the low recumbent. What about your older carbon bikes , are you coming back when them ? Hope you can produce the carbon front bike 700c bike . I am still waiting with the fantastic bike frame.

    Martinius Berg/Norway

    1. Hi Martinius,

      Thanks for your comments.
      About carbon frame : i would love to see a Kervelo carbon low racer. Just imagine : light weight ( 10kg or less ), high efficient transmission – no long chain-, high aerodynamics and optimal ergonomics : simply the best i could imagine.
      Could someone be interested in that ? me for sure. Who else ? you perhaps…. ? if sufficient interest, we could decide to build the first 🙂

  7. Hi Marc!
    I was wondering if these are available in the U.S. ? I just recently converted my riding to Cruzbike Vendetta after a nasty crash left me with two surgeries to fix broken collarbone. I would be interested in the Low Racer for my wife. A carbon version would be the ultimate, however with a much bigger price I’m sure. Any idea on a carbon price, or has that yet to be determined…?

    1. Hi Dan,
      The carbon low racer has yet to be built, which will be more a matter of time than a technical challenge ! Still not yet landed on earth. I would be happy to supply you and to your wife a direct drive carbon low racer.
      The price is usual a matter of volume to produce: so if you know some friends willing to ride with a comfort-high efficient transmission-low racer bike, the dream would fast come to reality 🙂

      As of today, i have not signed a dealer agreement for the US market : so, there are still opportunities to take.

    1. Hi Pete,
      The overall length is 2m, considering the wheelbase of 1,3m and 28″ (700) wheels.
      The seat is 35cm from ground, actually its position is aligned with the wheels axis.
      Dynamic behaviour at speed and in curves is just like riding a “sport car” ( almost same driving position !! )

  8. That’s the joy of Low(Kervelo)racer, pedaling straight configurations that has giving more power against the seat. Much like pushing heavy drawer using foot against the wall. BikeE RX pedal configurations is a disappointment for I need to hold my knee to help on hillclimb. My Optima Baron is okay too but kinda weak on hills, I wish I could convert it to two-wheel drive, I no longer own those 2 bents.

    Good thinking Marc!

    Maybe later you’ll comes up with underseat steering lowracer. Carpal tunnel syndrome are most active on hanging handlebars. Also thieves have to think 10x.

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