Carbon Frame Low Racer bike

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The Kervelo Low Racer Carbon bike has been designed for light and aerodynamic performance.

Its centered and low position center of gravity gives incredible sensation and efficiency from straight to winding roads.

A luggage carrier could be added if you wish to make your long journey faster then the average.

The design and the inclination of the seat will provide the comfort to not feel any stress on your body while touring or racing.

The direct drive with a gearbox in the front wheel eliminates the chain and give a clean and neat design together with an high efficiency and responsiveness.

We are still at the prototype stage for this project and we will push further to create the most innovative, efficient and slim sport bicycle.





19 Comments on “Carbon Frame Low Racer bike”

  1. Hi Marc,

    Looks very nice. I think this is a good approach- like Cruz Bike has used- develop a successful racing machine to spread the advantages and reputation and then there will be a good spill down effect to the other models in the range.
    I have found that I need to beef up the diameter on my monotube carbon bikes to around 65mm to eliminate any flex and get the best power delivery. Most of the carbon recumbents, successful in racing have this sort of diameter.

    best regards

  2. Couple questions…

    – What size are the wheels on the picture?

    – Expected rider height range?

    1. Hi Oscar,
      The wheels of the low racer are 28″ ( 700CC x 25 ).
      This bike size has been built to match my size. Other dimension ( longer / shorter ) could be built to meet a specific rider size.

  3. Hi Marc,

    It looks like the frame is 1 piece, unlike your other models. Does that mean you will offer a number of frame sizes for different size riders, or do you plan 1 frame size with with fore and aft seat adjustment? If so, then wouldn’t this limit the seat back angle recline for tall users? Those wanting to race your top of the line machine may wish for a substantially more reclined seat for the best aerodynamics.

    best regards

    1. Hi Aarn, For this frame bike which is built from one piece, it would be better to build a custom size to fit the rider perfectly. The handle bar and the stem could also be adjusted to the rider morphology. The rider should have the best match with the machine to give the best performance in ergonomics, aerodynamics and power transfer.

  4. Hi Marc,
    Congratulations! You really made it. Wondering how the latest cabin fibre compares to your prior cro- Maly low racer in ride quality ? Also what is the weight difference?
    Success in this endeavor.
    Pete Sturrus

  5. Very good modern design. Let us know when you go into production. Fast and Aero on the flats. How are they at climbing?..very innovative bike…

    1. Hi Gilberto,
      I found quite easy to climb with this bike… even in the Alps, keeping a good pedal cadence. Because that bike has a great stability in downhill ( sitting like in a sports car, but the handling and feeling of a bike ! ), the side effect is less maneuverability at low speed ( below 7-8 km/h approx ). You need to learn the handling during the first rides. Keep breathing and pedaling. With a lighter bike – 10kg or less – , the upright bikes will get a new serious challenger !!

  6. Hello Marc,
    Beautiful design! I notice the pre-order low racer photo not the same image as the carbon fiber low racer of the 3 blog photos. When this bike is production ready I hope the hardshell seat will be included. Is this prototype the bike you are currently offering as pre order deposit on the web site?

    1. Hello,
      The original low racer has been made in CroMo steel and could be (pre-)ordered. The low racer carbon is still in prototype and we are working to secure the sourcing and build a lighter version. I will accept pre-orders on this carbon version once the design and manufacturing will be updated and clear. The hardshell seat will be part of the components provided with the bike.

  7. Very nice design, congratulation! What about dust and mud, will it have an impact on the drive train? How to clean the drive train and what about the maintenance requirements?

    1. The drive train ( gearbox ) is sealed and protected from dust or mud.
      The cleaning is just made with water and soft brush.
      The maintenance is limited to oil change once a year.

  8. Bravo superbe!!!
    Innovant,très pur et beau …….un objet du désir….

    je me suis posé la question d’une courbe descendant un peu plus bas et remontant légèrement sous le siège puis redescendant sur l’essieu arrière
    ne serait elle pas plus élégante? Juste 2 a 3 cm …….un détail de goût très subjectif….

    Bonne suite a cette aventure….

    1. Les courbes peuvent être belles, mais juste plus chére à fabriquer sur cette phase de proto.
      Promis pour la version production, on fera du “joli et désirable” tout en gardant les couts maitrisés.

  9. Hi Marc,

    Will the Carbon bike be available with the C series Pinion gearboxes, or only the P series?
    How about the other models?
    When would we expect to see some reviews up on the site?



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