Ever since the Crypto Bantam of 1896 the evolution of front wheel drive cycles has been steaming ahead.

Front wheel drive was the first choice for bicycles. It offered some set-backs and so it was worked around. Rear wheel drive with a chain became the solution.

We wanted to revolutionize the evolution of the front wheel drive.

The sleek look of the modernism in the 1920s inspires us still today. The clean looks and stylish frame is something to admire.

We wanted to make recumbent bikes with a clean look.

Shock absorbers on trikes are not an entirely new concept. We have just decided to perfect it. The kids don’t have the same requirements regarding speed and cornering as the adults of today, so evolution has brought us the tilting trike.

It looks fun. Having fun on wheels is a great idea, but the concept with a trike and front wheel drive is not directly scalable to the grown ups needs.

Today we have built and extensively tested several prototypes to take a leap with the recumbent bike. The front wheel drive enables the recumbent bike to have a clean and chainless design with great ergonomics.

The integrated gearhub is low maintenance and keeps the friction at the lowest point for a long time, contrary to the chain witch needs to be constantly lubricated to perform.