Laidback Utility Electric trike


Utility trike frame

Frame material : Alu 6061 T6

Width : 80cm  /  Wheel base : 140 cm

Loading platform : width : 50cm / length : 60cm

2 x hub motors ( 200W / 36V each ) on rear wheels ( including  controler in each motor )

one  battery ( 36V / 12 Ah )

Wheels diameter : 26″

Gearhub in front wheel made of wheel hub with Pinion gearbox – 9 speeds

PRE ORDER  on first batch – limited quantity –

Payment of 500€ now and 3100€ at shipment.

Total ( VAT excluded ) : 3600 €



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The Laidback Utility Electric trike has been designed for good deliveries or shopping, in an intense daily urban commute

An electric tricycle with a high level of transmission integration for an easy maintenance, lighter vehicle and still a very efficient dynamic behavior  in tight turns or difficult road adherence.

It has no chain, no mechanical differential, 2 hub motors and an additional rear speed : this minimum mechanical parts exposed to dirt or water with give an easier maintenance and longer durability.

The motor cables are routed from the inner side of the motor, meaning no cables are sticking out which is safe. Also the disc brake is bolted on the inner side of the motor. The disc and its brake caliper are protected inside the trike chassis.

Worth to mention too, that the battery is placed under the seat which gives the optimal weight distribution between wheels. The center of gravity is lower for a better stability. The positive side effect is to free the loading platform from any load or volume to maximize the usage of the carrier ( or case or box ).

The great benefit of such configuration using 2 hub motors on rear wheels, is to eliminate the mechanical differential which leave both wheels independent. Each motor has its own control system which monitor the speed, the torque for a given power request.

The trike architecture is based on a rigid trike ( 80 cm width ) which doesn’t require any particular balance skills to drive or steer.

Of course, in the front wheel, we have a gearhub with the crank shaft, which doesn’t require any chain.

Other developments including damper or weather protection could be tailored with a specific request