Carbon Frame Low Racer bike

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The Kervelo Low Racer Carbon bike has been designed for light and aerodynamic performance.

Its centered and low position center of gravity gives incredible sensation and efficiency from straight to winding roads.

A luggage carrier could be added if you wish to make your long journey faster then the average.

The design and the inclination of the seat will provide the comfort to not feel any stress on your body while touring or racing.

The direct drive with a gearbox in the front wheel eliminates the chain and give a clean and neat design together with an high efficiency and responsiveness.

We are still at the prototype stage for this project and we will push further to create the most innovative, efficient and slim sport bicycle.





One Comment on “Carbon Frame Low Racer bike”

  1. Hi Marc,

    Looks very nice. I think this is a good approach- like Cruz Bike has used- develop a successful racing machine to spread the advantages and reputation and then there will be a good spill down effect to the other models in the range.
    I have found that I need to beef up the diameter on my monotube carbon bikes to around 65mm to eliminate any flex and get the best power delivery. Most of the carbon recumbents, successful in racing have this sort of diameter.

    best regards

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